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Peer pressure in the waves

Part 1. Mara alone When the mind says go and the body says go You run through the sand till you reach the shore And once your toes touch the water Your will comes to a halt. Too cold, too … Continue reading

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Nano poems and unrelated photos 1

She found a feather, put in it her head. She forgot the feather, took it to bed. Why did she even wonder about the crushed wing?  

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Let the low be low, Let the high be high, Let the living live And the bygones die. Flow with waters, Spiral. Let the waves crash in, For in every ending Room is made to begin. In your darkest hour, … Continue reading

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I have no wisdom tooth, but

you know, we’re all so flawed, we’re almost perfect so full of holes, we’re almost full. so fake, that we’re ourselves until the last drop of make-believing. Over the top, or in the shade, playing it cool, king of charade. … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Tokyo

It’s just past midnight And I can’t feel the soles of my feet anymore They’re so numb from all the paths I’ve taken. I’m sleepless in Tokyo, but I won’t waste this night, Eyes shut tight! Think of nothing. Come … Continue reading

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