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The story of how I gave a chocolate bar to that girl on the subway

So it was a Saturday and I was doing my shopping alone. It all took place in Barcelona, where people are supposedly always happy and touched by a spell which makes them radiate warmth. I, being the special, out-of-the-ordinary girl … Continue reading

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Spring in January

When the sun shines over the city, covering the neighborhoods in stripes of light, you forget the month. It’s not January. It can’t be January. You need to get from point A to point B, but the direct way is … Continue reading

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Oh, all those fossilized errors…

I learned a new concept today during a lesson on correcting student errors in English. It’s called FOSSILIZED ERRORS It refers to those errors you make over and over again and cannot correct because they weren’t explained or corrected at … Continue reading

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Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

The title is from a wonderful Nat King Cole song that I sometimes tune into and start humming without noticing…It happens in summer, when the morning breeze still makes you happy it is summer. As promised, here are more of my attempts … Continue reading

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Summer stole my colours

Summer rushed in furiously. Denied entrance for so long, all its pent up heat unleashed itself mercilessly upon my city, your city. Full of weathery mood swings, it went from floods of tears to storms of dust, from a dryness … Continue reading

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A good time to be.

Are we made up of only the things we have accomplished? No. We are all our failed projects as well, because we ever dared to dream we could do them, even for a split second. Are we only the love … Continue reading

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Make her come again and again

So you make yourself some hot tea, because your throat is sore And you wait for it to cool, after you’ve scalded your tongue into numbness. You try to get the internet to work, and an hour later it complies. … Continue reading

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