Peer pressure in the waves

Part 1. Mara alone

When the mind says go and the body says go

You run through the sand till you reach the shore

And once your toes touch the water

Your will comes to a halt.

Too cold, too cold.

You’ll get used to it, surely.

Too cold, too cold, retreat!

Oh come on, in such heat?

Fresh cool water, the treat.

Too cold, too cold.

So you walk back to your towel and soak up the sun.

They’d call you a wet blanket if they could, but you’re not even that, you’re a dry scaredy cat. you’re no fun.

Part 2. Mara and peer pressure

When the mind says go and the body says go

and the group you are in is running merrily as one

You’re in shorts and a top, not even stripped to your bathing suit which clings to you, prepared.

And you run with them, pulled by their strings and contagious joy

“It’s part of the training” your mind tells you.

Your body obeys.

Toes touch water. Brain thinks Fuck, it’s still too cold.

Body keeps going till you’ve flung yourself in

Lungs protest,

Breaths get louder,

Brain keeps thinking Fuck, it’s too cold.

But you’ve made it.

Your first swim this year!

All you ever had to do was have 20 people around you.

***And perhaps it was no pressure, you’re right,

It’s more the delight of being part of a bigger something

Where your contact with slightly colder water than you’d have prefered

is validated by all and smiled upon.


*Thanks to Urban Gorillas and their free trial beach workout!


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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