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The story of how I gave a chocolate bar to that girl on the subway

So it was a Saturday and I was doing my shopping alone. It all took place in Barcelona, where people are supposedly always happy and touched by a spell which makes them radiate warmth. I, being the special, out-of-the-ordinary girl … Continue reading

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Spring in January

When the sun shines over the city, covering the neighborhoods in stripes of light, you forget the month. It’s not January. It can’t be January. You need to get from point A to point B, but the direct way is … Continue reading

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The funniest Hank in the world.

“Is dis funny?” he asks. “ Yes, it is sooo funny“, I reply, for the tenth time in the past hour. By the look of it, Hank, this precocious 3 year old, is keen on becoming a comedian. He’s the … Continue reading

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Nashville Skyline and fairy dances

There’s something about hanging out with kids that makes my heart so light, my smile so much wider. It’s been almost a week since I started babysitting in the States, as a second job that I actually stumbled upon, when … Continue reading

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The robin´s egg

I don´t know exactly when it started…when I started looking on the ground for treasures, but I know it goes way back. I distinctly remember being in New Mexico, in a place called Acoma where there were these Native Americans, … Continue reading

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