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Peer pressure in the waves

Part 1. Mara alone When the mind says go and the body says go You run through the sand till you reach the shore And once your toes touch the water Your will comes to a halt. Too cold, too … Continue reading

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It’s never too late or too summer to write about a November escape to Malaga

This gallery contains 18 photos.

I think there’s a lot of pressure to write about things just after you’ve experienced them…or damn it, even while you are there. Don’t look around! write, post, share, make people think you’ve got an amazing life instead. You all … Continue reading

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Nano poems and unrelated photos 1

She found a feather, put in it her head. She forgot the feather, took it to bed. Why did she even wonder about the crushed wing?  

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The Collserola Park: Barcelona’s secret garden

The first time I took a trip to the Collserola park was when I had very little to do one Sunday and a friend (thanks, Viv!) recommended it to me. She said it was a huge natural park very close … Continue reading

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The story of how I gave a chocolate bar to that girl on the subway

So it was a Saturday and I was doing my shopping alone. It all took place in Barcelona, where people are supposedly always happy and touched by a spell which makes them radiate warmth. I, being the special, out-of-the-ordinary girl … Continue reading

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Spring in January

When the sun shines over the city, covering the neighborhoods in stripes of light, you forget the month. It’s not January. It can’t be January. You need to get from point A to point B, but the direct way is … Continue reading

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She stormed out

*last edited on August 28, 2011. In the eye of the storm.* I walked up the hill this morning. 6:50 am. We knew Irene was coming, it was all a matter of time. An eerie silence as I trudged up … Continue reading

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