It’s never too late or too summer to write about a November escape to Malaga

I think there’s a lot of pressure to write about things just after you’ve experienced them…or damn it, even while you are there. Don’t look around! write, post, share, make people think you’ve got an amazing life instead. You all know the drill

Well, I suck at that. I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places, taken a lot of photos I for one like looking at…and here I am hoarding them on my computer, letting them gather digital dust.

Trying to mend this now, even though time erases some of the freshness of the memories.

Malaga. November 2013 Long weekend, low cost, airbnb housing. 14 degrees in Barcelona, 17 or 18 in Malaga. Win!

light and tunnels

army of palms




Malaga = warmth, beach, not too overwhelming a city to explore, good food, worth it.Malagueta beach

a beach fight

South East of Spain, never been this far. Andalusia, a first. Things really feel different when you’re out of Catalonia. Also, the people are ridiculously nice and friendly (even the driver of the airport to city centre bus was the loveliest guy!).

Malaga: The Gibralfaro, towering above the city. The name of the castle supposedly comes from the Phoenician word for light so that Jbel-Faro actually means the Rock of Light. It made perfect sense, because you really felt one flight closer to the sun up there.

_MG_2921 View from the Gibralfaro

another view from above

The Alcazaba, from the 11th century, one of the best preserved in Spain, reminding us of the complexity and beauty of the Arab culture and its impact on this part of the world. The gardens are lush, the orange trees are so heavy with fruit you’re afraid to stand under them for too long and the fountains tire your camera lens.

Arabian reflections

the gardens

Alcazaba images

lace in stone lace in stone 2

still the gardens

At its base, the ruins of a Roman amphitheatre, a strange meeting point of influences and cultures. These are the setting stones of today, they seem to say.

In Malaga I made a good friend. Don’t know its name, but we had a thing. Photos will speak for themselves. One thing is clear: that cat did not love just about anyone, and a day after we first met, I saw it lying in the sun on the stones of one of the Alcazaba’s walls, called to it without expecting much, and it ran down to me.

my cat friend IMG_2890

Beautiful, but not intimidating. Malaga feels “juuuust right”. Even the tall Roman Catholic Cathedral is endearing, with one of its towers never built. It is referred to as “La Manquita” which roughly translates to “The one armed lady”.

La Manquita

That is all. It’s late and it’s time to sleep. Sleep well, and remember that Malaga is definitely worth a visit:)


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