Make her come again and again

So you make yourself some hot tea, because your throat is sore
And you wait for it to cool, after you’ve scalded your tongue into numbness.
You try to get the internet to work, and an hour later it complies.

Then the tea is cold. Lukewarm, actually. But at least it serves to soothe your thirst.
Then you check your email, three times in a row, because the first two times your mind was

and you kept signing out, even though you had barely logged in.
And now that you’re finally paying attention…
all you get is spam, mostly about enhancing your sexual performances.
More precisely, about lengthening and strengthening a member you do not possess.

Then you log out again. And sign back in. Because…who knows?
Maybe someone wrote in the two seconds you had logged out.
It usually happens when you least expect it!

Your mom is on her facebook page,
Your dad is watching football.
You check your phone for messages and get a slight shock when you notice the time.

You refresh your email inbox.
You finally have an email!
it’s from the school yahoo group.
Dear all, the exams are scheduled as follows…
So you log out again.

And log into Facebook. You stare into the screen and press Update status
and think of something smart and elusive to write.
Two likes in the first second after you posted it.
You smile: aha! I do have a social life. And nobody can guess how bored I am.


I just got another one.


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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3 Responses to Make her come again and again

  1. Ionesco says:

    Will I go to hell if I clicked the link expecting something else?

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