My SADD confession

I suffer from SADD. It makes talking to people very challenging, especially when I am in the same area as the factors that trigger my illness.

I can’t focus on anything for a couple of minutes or so.

What’s SADD? Oh, come on now. I can’t believe I have to explain it again…

But I will. Cause…what the heck? We’re pals.

SADD is squirrel attention deficit disorder. Not to be confused with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). I have a bit of that too, but now it’s all about the squirrels.

I first noticed I had it two years ago, in the States, when I couldn’t string two words together if my sight intersected the mighty representative of all things fluffy and cute (overload may be reached if you’re not careful). It’s the Sciurus, aka the common, bushy-tailed squirrels.

I swear there’s something hypnotizing about them.

So here’s a collection of squirrel photos (I told you I had a problem. But nooo…you thought I was kidding). And next time when you think I’m not listening to you (and I most likely am not. I was trying, but I failed miserably :P) it might be that I’m remembering one of these:

These were all Bostonian specimens.

And now from some Big Apple loving ones. (Actually, it’s the same squirrel. I called her Benchy.)


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