Sleepless in Tokyo

It’s just past midnight

And I can’t feel the soles of my feet anymore

They’re so numb from all the paths I’ve taken.

I’m sleepless in Tokyo, but I won’t waste this night,

Eyes shut tight!

Think of nothing. Come on, let thoughts go.

But it’s hard when you almost can see all the neon lights still flashing

All the letters and signs turning on, turning off

In a language you can’t understand.

I command you to sleep.

And it’s now past one.

You’ve checked the illuminated numbers of the hotel room clock

Shining in the dark, grinning at your self-awareness.

You’re on the 15th floor of an 18 floor building

And you’re sick of the height.

You start counting sheep

But they won’t jump the fence,

Or when they do, they all jump on the left side.

And you think of all things you might have done wrong, surely have done wrong

In this lifetime,

In a past lifetime.

No chance of enlightenment

At 2 am in Tokyo.

And the people on the street are still out and about, you can hear their tiny feet on the sidewalk.

Girls with furry boots, girls with really high heels

Perfectly arranged hair and majestic make-up, walking their tangled fawn like walk.

It’s so cold outside and they’re all in short trousers or mini-skirts… and you think you might be missing out on something.

It’s 3 am in Tokyo

And some people are going home.

Some are still playing at the pachinko slot machines, praying to the Gods of fortune that they’ll cheat the inexistent laws of chance.

All the temples are asleep, ashes are cold, and drums are silent,

But the Buddha’s are still smiling.

And you might be smiling too

Because it’s 4 am in Tokyo and you’re asleep

Dreaming of all the people that fall asleep on the subway, their heads bobbing slowly from side to side as the train pulls to a stop.


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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