Good morning, Berlin !?

Well, tehnically it´s not as if I wake up in the dead centre of the city, with the Reichstag shining through the morning clouds.
I wake up in Wannsee, a little quarter of the city (Stadtviertel…:P), next to a lake, or more precisely a bay called…Wannsee. There´s another similar yet smaller lake very close by called der kleine Wannsee -very inspired folks, eh? IMG_0122

If I cross the street I can already start walking through a big pine forest, with its severeal acorn tree intruders that, leaving their fruit on the ground, have spawned a big enough wildboar population to make you afraid to wander off alone during the night.
It´s fine by daytime, you walk the already trodden paths and see the earth freshly dug by the hoves of hungry or maybe frustrated juvenile boars.

Sinking from Eastern US heat and humidity into this cold little nook in North East Germany makes it all the more exotic to already see the leaves sighing their last sighs under my shoes, in their colourful goodbye pijamas.IMG_0102

Got the whole gear: warm jacket, fluffy sweater, scarf, silly hat that keeps me warm so I don´t care what they (the fashion critics of Wannsee forest) think about it, I even have gloves that refuse to match the rest of my outfit.

The week is opening up to me, and the pressure is on – will I manage to take every second of my time here and not regret having wasted it? Will I prance about the streets, meeting all the people I could meet, taking in all the beauty around?


Game on.


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"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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2 Responses to Good morning, Berlin !?

  1. Melting says:

    Wannsee, eh? cosy spot for the Nazi cabal 😉 annnd yup, I do remember the place as I got frightened by what came out of it in ’42… chilly shivers brrr… otherwise it is indeed a lovely place for shouting out loud: good morning! 🙂
    ps: but I prefer Neukölln/ by the canal/ at dusk :Ppp

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