Waving goodbye

Early morning.
Cottony clouds above, blanket of foam on the water, gray in the sky and reflected underneath.
The waves are rising menacingly, like sharks would, like predators.

This is not the sea. This is the Ocean. It is deceiving.

Many die at shore, we have been told, the sheer force of the seemingly small waves pulling them under, making them spin in the water like lifeless puppets in the hands of nature.

It´s just water, wind and tides. However simple the combination though, it is effective and we´re small enough to die from it.

The lifeguards blow their whistles once every two minutes and at first you think ” they´re crazy, exaggerating like that”. “The water is closed”, they yell with sand in their lungs, from up on that little hill and their high lifeguard throne.

You just laugh and think  “Closed? The water is not closed to me…I´ll open it up with a swish of my hands.”
But just as these thoughts form in your mind, your feet get buried deeper and deeper in the sand as the waves are speeding backwards, reverse mode, into the ocean´s womb.
You look towards the beach to see where you left your towel and in the next half a second you´re dragged under by the whirlpool caused by a coming wave.

Bubbles and foam and spit with salty sand. You surface out, on your knees, bruised by the intense rubbing of flesh against the sand. How can this happen when you are knee-deep in water? You quickly walk away, stumbling half blinded by the wet hair stuck to your face, deciding that you were made for sandcastles or other such peaceful activities.

The surface of the water shimmers on under the sky, imperturbed by your close encounter with the afterlife and its brightly lit tunnels. The water only seems peaceful, but you foolish mortals should know better…



This is not the sea.
This is mother Ocean, where it all began and where it often ends.


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de www.cataling.blogspot.com
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One Response to Waving goodbye

  1. dumitrita says:

    Ah, Mara..such a speedy way of writing, of talking, of imagining, of getting to the human surface the beauty inside you..I can’t use your words to describe my experience, but a year ago I kinda lived the same..All the best of a usa summer, beautiful creature! 🙂

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