The life

This is the life. The simple life.

You wake up. You work. You come back, you sleep. You eat, ponder about your purpose in life. You sleep again.

you dream of trays and strawberries on the side, water orders that you forgot to bring your customers. We do really dream about our days…and if my days involve running to and fro with plates of pancakes, how could I dream of strawberry fields forever? no, my strawberries are on the side, or on the order of buttermilk pancakes.

In life you must not take things for granted. Yes, that is a must. Rule number one.

For one month I took my free wireless internet coming from an unknown benefactor living nearby for granted…until I saw a big pickup truck hauling furniture away and I said to myself  “I sure hope that is not my wireless internet moving away.”
But it was.

So now I am sitting in the shade, in a parking lot. It is 5 pm and I have the rest of the day off.

I am sitting in a parking lot from which I can see our apartment. We tracked down some wireless internet here, so this is the new place to be.

Some neighbor’s cat is out and she is keeping me company, occasionally rubbing itself against my feet.

In a way it is nice to have no higher purpose to worry about every day. Just the work-schedule and then the gratifying hours off that seem neverending. So much free time, so many possibilities *you think, until the hours go by and you realize you’re waking up to work again next day*

You go to the thrift store and buy some more books that you pile up and cuddle with before you go to sleep, you go swimming at the pool that your Romanian coworkers have at their motel.


But I cannot help thinking that I am suuure glad I want more from life than this. Yes. More. More time for thoughts, more thoughts in my work.

But for now I will leave this parking lot, cause the ants seem to like my sweet sunlotion and are tickling my heels.

The cat (Grace is her name, since that is what her nametag proclaims) is coming towards me again, her lazy moves contagious.
I’ll go back home and sleep.
Or perhaps I’ll snap a photo of Grace first.maucat


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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