Old books and coincidences

You know when you have too much spare time on your hands and all of a sudden your mind goes blank as you try to find possible things to do?

And then all of a sudden you remember something…It comes from far far away, the ever so distant and vague memory of holding a book that wasn´t on your “must read for exam” list.

Then comes the more tragic moment in which you realize that you (very rationally) decided to pack only two books with you for the whole three summer months you will be working. Why? Oh, because you figured you´d have nooo time for that. Dunno what you were thinking…

But then it dawns on you. Ok, this is getting annoying.
Then it dawned on me…I had seen a bookshop on my way home from work. It even had a small couple of shelves with reduced books in front of the shop. So I decided to take a look.

It was a second hand book shop. Actually…maybe they should be called second mind…or perhaps it is called second hand because whichever books land here were probably only picked up and dusted by the previous owners, if they decided to give them away.
Maybe some passionate old relative had bought them some years ago, hoping his nephew, niece, son would have the same taste in books. Tough luck. They were just gonna sell it for 2.99 at the first bookshop they would find.

In a more pragmatic tone: just my luck.

Long story short, after half an hour in there I realized it was the place to revisit after my first paycheck (ah, paycheck sounds so professional …sounds as if I have an office job, haha). The smell of old books was juuust right (not the mouldy one you might get in some shops, but the flavoured, spicy smell of pages upon pages of personal stories wrapped up in third person narratives, historical memoirs and whatnot, paperback, leatherbound, hardcopy, you name it!). That was a large parenthesis. But I bought a book of the reduced shelf. 3 dollars for a hardcover. Not bad, I thought, not bad at all.

Last precious item I found in a used book store was a dictionary, a trilingual one, English- German- French. I spent 25 lei on it…that would be less than 10 bucks, and it was from 1841.

Now I am reading a not so valuable as a collectors´s item book, (or is it? tadadadaduuum) but one that I consider a grea find anyway. It´s a Saul Bellow that I hadn´t heard of before. It´s called “More die of heartbreak”.
I must say I do not know if that is statistically so, but I should say it is more painful a death than many others. Not that I would know, for my past lives have spared me of such traumatizing experiences, but I see how that could be true.

I did the shallow kind of research on the book, wikipediaing my good man Bellow´s novel and found out that the book was written in ´87 (not much of a coincidence freak, but it´s a nice one, nevertheless). And the book cover they showed on wikipedia was just like mine. There it said “ a first edition”. And so it is. A first edition of a Nobel and Pulitzer prize winner.

I am reading a book as old as me, called “More die of heartbreak”.
If I ever have the time or -more importantly, as I am currently out of it- talent and inspiration, I´ll write a sequel called “Some live happily ever after”. Might be filed under Science Fiction, but we´ll see about that:D175px-MoreDieOfHeartbreak


About Mara Ambrosie

"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de www.cataling.blogspot.com
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One Response to Old books and coincidences

  1. Catalin says:

    Your writing is really something else. I’d call it entrapment, cause it catches my eye and rolls it to the end of the electronic page. Gasping for air has never been so hard.
    All these compelling arguments also work for me. As such, I’m really interested in what you think about the book, cause I might want to read it some day.
    Ah, sweet child…you are missed…

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