Fireflies and fireworks

I didn´t get to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. Maybe i didn´t really feel the holiday boiling in my blood.
I guess that´s easy to understand though…
Or maybe it was because as much as I tried to stay on my tiptoes, as tall as I tried to be, the rooftops of the tiny houses in Bristol Commons aka my “neck of the woods”, were obstructing the view.

All I saw were the faint shades of light that splashed the sky ever so vaguely. All I heard were the gunshot echoes.

But I don´t regret that anymore.

This evening, as I was giving my neighbors something to talk about -I was beating my newly found mattress with a broom.
(When I say found, I mean I found it in a furniture dump. Ah, the high class life. And when I say with a broom…well, you know.)
I didn´t have the appropriate carpet beater and I wonder if they have them in America. Maybe on vintage item sales.I for one am very fond of my carpet beating memories…those two times when I made the buildings of my hometown echo and tremble, fearing my carpet beating rage.

But back to the subject. There I was, minding my own business, appalling my new neighbors…when, after seeing one curious shadow disappear from the window cause I was looking in its direction, I spotted, mirage like, my first firefly in so so long.

I thought at first that it was the light reflecting from my neighbor´s window, or maybe some other type of light refraction, reflection, rewhatever.

But then I saw it again, and again, and the evening darker shade of lawn became the perfect background for my very own, private fireworks, blazing up in short little light sequences.

I´m happy, with so little magic.


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"I contain multitudes" W. Whitman. *poză de
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3 Responses to Fireflies and fireworks

  1. raluca says:

    Mă uitam că te am în blogroll cu “Europe is her playground”, dar acum nici măcar asta nu mai e valabil..să ne ţii conectaţi la visul tău american!

  2. schioana says:

    of Mara imi tremura sufletelul cand ma gandesc la aventura ta, si ma tot gandesc la toate lucrurile care ne asteapta pe fiecare in parte, din momentul asta incolo, parca nici nu imi vine sa cred. iti tin pumnii mereu, dar asta e doar o expresie really, ca stiu ca nu am pentru ce sa iti tin pumnii, Im sure you are on top of things as always. Mara – an inspiration and a firefly to many of her friends 🙂

  3. Lana says:

    Marutule, Marutule, sunt asa entuziasmata si plina de fireworks de fiecare data cand iti citesc blogul :):):)! Mi se pare magic!! Eu m-am apucat sa-mi “recuperez” trecutul, aka m-am apucat sa-mi citesc blogul de la inceput si sa-l parcurg treptat prin Franta, Hawaii till, I hope, soon Belgia si eventually pam pam pam the present si…you were always there for me! Meaning serios. Tu si Ana ati fost constant vocile dragi de acasa care ma tineau conectata cu ceea ce iubesc cat timp am fost departe!! Thanx, hun, si pentru asta, si pentru magia pe care-o gasesc in fiecare post despre America-cea-de-care-mi-e-nespus-de-dor!! >:D< :*

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